Tumbleweeds Soap IngredientsTumbleweeds soaps are made 100% natural ingredients, often using flowers and herbs and either growing in our garden or those of kind friends. These are infused and their qualities imparted into the oil. Vegetable and nut oils and butters are used for their benefits in skincare; dried petals and herbs may be used or floral and herbal teas; additions are spices, natural colourants, clays and essential oils, honey or beeswax, other natural edibles such as cream etc.

Tumbleweeds Soap IngredientsHigh quality fragrance oils such as rose and some of the florals may be used at times because these scents are either now cost prohibitive or not available as essential oils. All ingredients are listed along with each product. Many of our soaps will be seasonal, making use of different plants as they are available....all are researched for their benefits in skincare to ensure safe practice. My soaps are rustic in nature because I like making them that way. Natural soaps do not last as long as commercial soaps, they are not as hard and the ingredients can deteriorate after 6 months or so - they are soaps made to be used, not admired for years :)  To prolong life do not sit the soap in a wet place but on a draining dish or dry face cloth. I do not use Palm Oil in my soaps.

Tumbleweeds SoapsI also make other skincare products and this is an interest I have had for some time. Many ingredients used in commercially made products are dangerous - we wouldn't eat them knowing what they are and we wouldn't feed them to our kids. Commercial and chemically laden products are expensive and their use does not feed or nourish skin in any way, in fact many are quite drying long term. Natural products are preferable by far but these can also expensive, by using good quality ingredients but economical packaging my prices will be kept as low as possible.

Packaging and labelling are made of sustainable, recycled or recyclable materials. Any of the tins can be returned to me (if still in good condition) for a discount of $1.50 off another purchase. 

If anyone has special requirements and needing a custom made soap or product I am happy to produce them specially.

I hope you love using these as much as I love making them.